How To Find CIF Number in SBI Cheque Book, Passbook & by SMS With Images


cif number in sbi

In our CIF Number article series, today we will learn how to find CIF Number in SBI cheque book, passbook and by SMS with image examples.

Before we start the main guide, let’s take a quick introduction to CIF code.

What is CIF Number? Full form of CIF in banking

The CIF full form Customer Information File. This file contains all data of the account holder. You can also call it a digital file containing information about your account/accounts.

Different banks provide differ CIF Numbers in digits. State Bank of India offers 11 digits Customer Information File to their customers to track the customer transactions and other account details. The CIF is updated regularly by the bank to stay up to date with account information. You can read more it here.

Advantages of SBI CIF number

  1. All of your State bank of India accounts can be linked to one CIF number. So no worries even you have multiple accounts with SBI, one Customer Information File.
  2. It can help to keep in touch with all your SBI accounts information at one place.
  3. To transfer your account to another branch then you need this unique number.

How to find CIF Number in SBI Cheque Book, Passbook & by SMS?

There are lots of ways to find SBI CIF number online and offline (Without Internet). But here, I will share 3 offline ways to get it through Cheque book, Passbook & by SMS):

Method #1 Through Passbook

You can check Customer Information File number on your State Bank of India passbook. On the first page of SBI passbook, you can find the customer information file. Here is the screenshot [image] of my State Bank passbook below:

cif number

Method #2 Check from State Bank Cheque book

SBI also prints customer information number all their customer’s cheque books. You can find this unique code on the first page of cheque book along with other account information.

Method #3 Get SBI CIF Number by sms

Sorry to say, there is on any services to find CIF number through sms. But you can call the SBI customer care toll free number: 18004253800 and ask to provide your customer information file. But I have shared State Bank customer care numbers list that will help you to collect more information related to your account.

I hope, now you understand how to find CIF number of SBI account with different ways without Internet banking.  Still if you have any questions about this article then feel free to ask through the comment section below.


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