How To Get CIF Number Of SBBJ (State Bank Of Bikaner & Jaipur) Online & Offline


sbbj cif number

Before we start learning how to find CIF number of SBBJ bank. Let’s take a quick guide what is SBBJ and CIF number full form meaning in banking.

What is SBBJ Bank Full Form?

SBBJ Bank full form is State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur. It is a part of State bank of India, was set up as a public bank in the year 1963, in Jaipur Rajasthan.

In a few years later, they have established over 1360 branches among all states in India. Today in 2018, they are providing jobs to over 13 thousand peoples. By results, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) listed it on National Stock Exchange & Bombay Stock Exchange.

What is CIF Number (Full Form of CIF)

CIF Number full form is Customer Information File contains 11 digits. It is a unique numeric code that represents all contact information about the customer (account holder in SBBJ).

In case you are not aware of the term, what your CIF number is, here is a quick guide to learn everything. Also, we have written best articles to find your CIF code (in various banks) that you can read here.

Now let’s come to know CIF number in State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur.

How to find CIF number of SBBJ account?

There are lots of ways to find SBBJ CIF number. But here we will learn 5 most popular ways to get your customer information file.

Method #1: Through Passbook

You can check CIF number on your State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur’s Passbook. Once you have Passbook, open it and on the first page, you can find the customer information file number written on the top left side right with bank account number. Here is the screenshot of my passbook below:

cif number

Method #2: Check through Chequebook

SBBJ also prints customer information number all their customer’s chequebook. So You can also find this unique code on the first page of chequebook along with other account information.

Method #3: Get by SBI Anywhere App

You can get your CIF no. using State Bank Anywhere App. It’s a banking app to manage your accounts with all SBI branches (including SSBJ). Click on below button to download SBI Anywhere App (Latest version).

Download App

Once you installed the app on your phone, follow the below steps respectively.

Step 1: Open App and log in with your username and password.

Step 2: After you log in, tap on “Services” option.


Step 3: Now click on “Online Nomination“.


Step 4: Here you have to select the “Transaction Account” and your “Account Number“.

Now you can see your CIF number being displayed with other details.

cif number

Method #4: Get by Internet Banking

Net banking is the best to know SBBJ CIF number online. For that purpose, you must have registered for Internet banking facility. If not, you can access our depth guide to activate your net banking in SBBJ online.

Now without wasting time, let’s start the method to find CIF number of SBBJ by Internet banking.

Step #1: Firstly, go to login page and sign in with your username and password provided by the bank.

Step #2: Now click on “Nomination View”.

Step #3: Next tap on “PAN Details”.

Finally, you can see account CIF Number along with your other accountinformation. Here is the screenshot my SBBJ account.

SBI CIF Number Online

Method #4: Know your CIF Number of SBBJ by calling

If you are unable to find the details of your SBBJ CIF number through any of the above-mentioned methods then it is best to call the bank to ask your customer information file no. Their toll-free number is 18001806005.

Once the call connects to customer service executive, request him/her to get you CIF no. They may ask you your account information for verification. Just let them know and you will be given your CIF number after the verification of details.

Like this way, you can find your CIF no. of SBBJ. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me in the comment section below.


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