CIF Number Full Form And Meaning in Banking [Fully Explained]


cif number full form

In banking, you will come to know several banking terms. One out of that list is called CIF number.

But, do you know CIF full form meaning and importance in banking?


Don’t worry this article exclusive for you to understand better about CIF number full form meaning and its importance in bank account.

What is CIF Full Form in banking?

CIF stands for Customer Information File. This unique code is provided to every account holder by respective bank. It is a computerised text file contains the full information of a customer.

Every account holder has a unique customer information file number with certain digits. I mean, it doesn’t matter how many accounts you have in a certain bank, all of those can be accessed with one customer information file number.

Because of each bank has its own unique CIF Numbering system to control customer accounts so CIF codes may be different according to deffer banking terms. Below are the formats of these numbers in various banks in India:

  • SBI has 11-digit
  • HDFC has 8-digit
  • Central Bank of India has 10-digit
  • Axis Bank has 4-digit

Importance of customer information file number in banking

In banking, CIF number is used to keep customer’s personal and financial information in a virtual text file. This file also includes loans, fixed deposits and Demat details of an account holder.

This also helps bank employees to know how many accounts a customer having in a respective bank because all the identity, address, photo, and signatures are mentioned in customer information file.

How to Find your CIF Number?

We have already shared plenty of ways to find your customer information file of SBI, SBH, SBBJ, Indian Bank online & offline those all explained tricks you can find here.

We have also shared a faq page to about questions answers related tounique code meaning. I hope now you understand CIF full form in banking and it’s means & uses.

How was your experience after reading this article, do share your opinions with us in the comments section below.



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