CIF Number: Learn What is CIF Full Form, Meaning in Banking

If you are reading this page, that means you are going to learn everything about CIF no. like, what is CIF number meaning, the full form of CIF number in banking, how to find CIF in various banks expects SBI, SBBJ, SBH, Indian bank and Central Bank of India.

cif number

While banking, you may be heard the word CIF many times but doesn’t know the exact meaning?

Don’t worry this post is all about this unique word. So let’s get started learning it briefly.

What is CIF number meaning and full form in banking?

CIF stands for Customer Information File. Thus means CIF number full form is Customer Information File Number. The bank has organised this systematic file to collect and save every customer’s data like personal and financial information in a virtual text file.

So that in case of checking they can access all details of an account holder with a single code, called CIF number. In simple words, CIF consists the information of the account holder like Name, Address, Occupation, Bank account statements history etc.

Before it was possible to have each CIF no. for your every account in a respective bank but now as per RBI guidelines, you can have only one CIF number even with multiple accounts. Thus all your accounts can be accessed by a single code.

Customer information file carries following data of a bank account holder:

  • It stores your financial activities on a daily basis
  • It helps the bank to view all your accounts’ information easily in one place
  • It carries your Demat related information
  • It stores all of your KYC details
  • It stores all loan history

This helps in increasing your TRV (Total Relationship Value) or CRV (Customer Relationship Value) which is used by some Banks to decide how much minimum balance you can maintain, or how much credit can be given to you. You can find it on your bank Passbook, through Net banking or Mobile Banking.

CIF Number is just like Aadhar Card Number. We use Aadhar card as a unique identity code, CIF number is also used as unique code to identify banking information of a particular customer.

Every bank in India comes with its own customer information file numbering system. So they can control their customers account easily. Below you can see the CIF nos. list formats of India:

  • SBI has 11-digit
  • HDFC has 8-digit
  • Central Bank of India has 10-digit
  • Axis Bank has 4-digit

How to find CIF number in your bank account?

There are different ways to know CIF number in banking. Because every bank has a different system to customer information.

But don’t worry we have from the below list, click on the bank you have an account. That will bring you to the right place to know CIF no.

SBI (Online methods)
SBI(Offline methods)
SBH Bank
SBBJ bank
Indian Bank
CBI Bank

CIF Number FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Ques #1: What is CIF Number?

Ans: CIF Number stands for Customer Information Number. This is a unique computerised file to keep user data in one place. It holds all the personal & important account related information of the customers that helps bank employees to make their job easier. You can read more about CIF number guides here.

Ques #2: What is the full Form Of CIF Number?

Ans: Full form of CIF number is Customer Information File. You can read about here.

Ques #3: Is it safe to share your CIF code with anyone?

Ans: Yes, for the purpose of genuine banking you can share your CIF code with anyone. Since there are more confidential pieces of information that you have never share with someone.

  • Debit card number
  • Pan card number registered with the bank.
    Mobile number registered with your debit card
  • Debit card PIN number
  • Debit card CVV number
  • OTP number generated during the online transaction

Ques #4: Is a CIF number confidential?

Ans: Yes, it is for the purpose of accessing your all account by the bank.

Ques #5: Is A CIF No is the same as account number?

Ans: No it’s not, CIF helps the bank to keep all the records of a customer in an easily-compilable format. While an account number provides the information of a single account.

Ques #6: Can two saving bank accounts can be open under the same CIF no?

Ans: Yes, you can link all bank accounts to one CIF number.

Ques #7: How to transfer my CIF number in SBI?

Ans: You will have to visit the branch where your CIF is present and ask them to transfer the CIF to your home branch. They may ask for a written application. So, it would be better go with a written application. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

Ques #8: Why does CIF change when bank account transfer to another branch?

Ans: It depends on core banking system or banking application of new branch. Because of the process led down by the bank system, which may be the carryover of the legacy manual system, CIF (Customer Identification Number) may be changed frequently.

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